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Tandoori Momos Recipe

All About Vegetable Mamos Recipe

A very versatile yet nutritious food is Momos, there is such a variety available in the market from chicken, pork, beef, mutton, etc, to what is here now, vegetable momos.

Since the children love this dish of Momos Recipe so much, it’s always good to prepare it at the house as well. You only have to master the cooking technique and then you can easily turn them into their own special palate.

Steps And Ingredients | Momos Recipe

  • With just a few simple steps, you can prepare a vegetable momos recipe and with a little bit of extra effort. You can adjust the preparation time as per the mealtime of your family.

    For example, if you are preparing this Momos Recipe for dinner then cooking should be done on a small-time schedule rather than on a regular time or in a big hurry.

    To give a specific shape and size to the dough, just brush or roll the dough with the help of a heavy-duty flour roller or you can just use a molder for making the same style of traditional Mexican bread.

  • The preparation of the vegetables steamed along with egg is the most important step, which is termed the steaming procedure.

    By steaming the vegetables with the egg you can ensure to cook them evenly and in a short time.

    While cooking the steamed vegetables ensure to cover all the small cutlets to avoid overcooking during the cooking process.

  • Making the vegetable stuffing is not very difficult as long as you know the different methods of preparing it. It can be made into cakes or rolls which are then decorated with the desired fillings and rind.

    You can find a variety of fillings for Momos Recipe like chopped meat, cheese, meat drippings, chicken pieces, etc. Another important ingredient used in Momos Recipe is plain flour. You can choose from corn flour, bulgur, semolina, etc.

  • Momos recipe also includes a spicy sauce, which is prepared with red chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder. The red chili powder gives a nice spicy flavor while the garlic powder and onion powder give a nice mildness.

    The sauce also enhances the sweetness of momos chutney. You can serve your steamed dumplings along with your salsa or chili sauce.


If you want to spice up your meal then also you can go for the other two recipes in this collection. One is the lime mint chutney, while the other recipe is chili chicken which is really good and relishing. To have a unique taste, you can try the mango chutney which is prepared by blending mangoes and lime juice.

Serve these delectable dishes with some steamed rice.

So what are you waiting for get busy and try out these mouth-watering and tasty dishes which are very easy to prepare and very delicious as well?

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