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Air Fryer Fried Chicken

Making the air fryer fried chicken is very simple with a spectacular result.The gourmia air fryer, for those who do not know it, is a fryer that fries things with very little oil, just enough to impregnate the ingredient that we are going to put in the basket.The results are cooked and ...

Air Fryer Donuts

Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to cook air fryer donuts without bathing them in oil.With an oil-free fryer, make this recipe for sweet cinnamon donuts. The gormia air fryer is very good to make the donuts.The oil-free gourmia air fryer has undoubtedly helped ...

Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks

The recipe of air fryer mozzarella sticks is the kind that you'll find in dinners, for example.Very rare in France, these small air fryer mozzarella sticks are nevertheless a lovely aperitif and simple to prepare.Especially since it's effortless to plan to make them ahead of time, keep ...

Air Fryer Potato Chips

If you want to enjoy some air fryer potato chips and you are passionate about French fries, but you would like to remove that excess oil that hurts us and makes us gain weight.Now you can do it with the new Air fryers for frying with hot air! They keep the best flavor and that crunch that we ...

Air Fryer Chicken Breast

Air fryer chicken breast is right, perfectly tender, good tasting, crispy, just what one wants in fried chicken.Why is slightly acidic?Soaking the air fryer chicken breast overnight in buttermilk helps soften it, and the chicken stays tender when cooked.This better-than-basic ...

Air Fryer Chicken Wings

If you are a lover of air fryer chicken wings, you cannot miss this recipe for chicken wings, but in the air fryer. So we make them lighter, without so many kcal or oil.But you are keeping all the flavor and texture. We leave you here the best fryers without oil on the market, in case you ...

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Air Fryer

Buttermilk fried chicken air fryer that is very easy to make, this time built on a silver crest oil-free air fryer. Your mouth is full of water. Buttermilk Fried chicken air fryer went from acceptable fast food in my youth.(I remember that my mother bought me boxes to make me happy that I ...

Chocolate Brownie Cake

I have been craving a huge Chocolate Brownie Cake for a few days now. In fact, for a couple of weeks, I've been thinking about making a Chocolate brownie cake in a thicker than usual format, almost like a sponge cake.This type of elaboration, so easy to carry out, can be surprising if we use ...

Chicken Sandwich

The homemade chicken sandwich is crisp because we ultimately control the quality of the ingredients. Easy to prepare and uniquely balanced when it is handmade, the club sandwich is perfect for evening tea.Chicken Sandwich is one of the most practical resources when eating out.Many ...

Chicken Shawarma

Lately, I see many chicken shawarma recipes on the net, and I already wanted to prepare it at home. Simplifying a bit, Chicken shawarma is the Arabic version of the kebab that can be served in many different ways. It is ready initially on the typical slowly rotating vertical spit, but it is ...

Occasions That are Celebrated with a Cake

A birthday cake is not merely a piece of bread baked with various elements. It's a piece of artwork that adorns all kinds of occasions. Cake's have an extensive past. The term dawns from the word 'Kaka,' which is an Old Norse term, from the Viking period, and was mainly a bread in the past. ...

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