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Ultimate Chocolate Cake

The ultimate chocolate cake is a must discover our very simple recipe, quick to make delicious!

Ultimate chocolate cake is a very soft, light, and genuinely delightful cake for the whole family and all occasions.

If the Ultimate chocolate cake has been baptized, The Best Cake in the World, it is because the chefs created it according to your tastes.

The Ultimate chocolate cake contains a multitude of flavors and gourmet and regressive textures under its delicate dark chocolate shell.

We all want a chocolate cake recipe, super easy, very fast, for a snack, a birthday.

There are countless ways to make a chocolate cake at home, but how many of them are easy?

We assure you that this is it! In addition to showing you how to make a cake flavored with chocolate.

We can explain the simple steps you must follow to learn how to make a basic, but delicious topping and the best utensils to decorate your cake.! We teach you how to make a decorated chocolate cake step by step.

Ingredients of Ultimate chocolate cake

  • 200 g chocolate

  • 125 g flour

  • Live from producers on Logo Pour ebon

  • 125 g butter

  • 250 g sugar

  • Five eggs

  • 0.5 sachet of baking powder

The direction of ultimate Chocolate Cake

Step 1

Melt the chocolate and butter to obtain a brilliant mixture.

Step 2

Clarify the eggs (separate the whites from the yolks). Then, whiten the yolk of your eggs with sugar.

Step 3

Add the chocolate, flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt, and mix.

Step 4

Then whip the egg whites.

Step 5

Incorporate the egg whites into the chocolate dough (do not mix too much so as not to cause the whites to fall).

Step 6

Put your dough in the mold, bake your cake in the oven at 175 ° C and cook it for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 7

Wait for it to cool before eating it.

Say Healthier Note

The problem with ultimate chocolate cakes is that they are often too sweet, too hard, too dry, too filling.

Here we’re going to have a light cake, and it’s terrible because there are tons of calories. For more delicious recipes visit our site directly.

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