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Home Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Many bones in the body, including those in the wrists and hands, are protected by cartilage. Cartilage can wear down over time. As a result, you may experience a condition known as osteoarthritis.

Another name for this type of arthritis is “wear and tear” arthritis. Women are more likely to experience osteoarthritis than men, and the most common causes include age, sudden joint movement, and injury.

Genetics also plays an essential factor in the development of osteoarthritis.

Home remedies for Rheumatoid arthritis can relieve joint pain. A person may also experience post-traumatic in the hands of Home Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

This happens after sustaining hand damage, such as a sports-related injury or accident. Broken or crooked fingers can also cause post-traumatic arthritis.

Injuries can accelerate the breakdown of the protective cartilage and cause inflammation.

The symptoms that appear may be similar to those of osteoarthritis, including pain, swelling, and redness.

However, women are more likely than men to experience the condition. People with a family history of RA, obese or who smoke are also at higher risk of developing it.

Although RA can develop at any age, it is more common to start between the ages of 40 and 60. Rheumatoid Arthritis in the hands can also be caused by rheumatoid arthritis or post-traumatic arthritis.

Women are more likely than men to develop osteoarthritis. There is no cure for any type of arthritis in the hands.

Treatment focuses on home remedies for relieving pain and managing the underlying condition. In rare cases, a doctor may recommend surgery to repair a severely damaged finger joint. The most common types of arthritis in the hands are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Most types of arthritis cause:

  • Pain with movement or when you are at rest

  • Inflammation Joint

  • Joint stiffness

  • Joint of deformity

  • Weakness and loss of muscle mass

  • Loss of joint and muscle function

Symptoms differ slightly depending on the type of arthritis. These differences can help the doctor determine the exact underlying cause of arthritis symptoms in the hands & also examine the kidney stone issues.

Osteoarthritis symptoms

  • Bony bumps (known as nodes or nodules) in the middle joint of the finger

  • Bony bumps or nodes at the joint of the finger closest to the nail

  • Pain that occurs more deeply under the base of the thumb

  • Stiffness, especially in the morning

  • Difficulty grasping or pinching objects

  • Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

  • Pain in the wrist and knuckles of the fingers

  • Wrist and finger deformities that do not straighten

  • Tendon rupture, which affects the ability of the fingers to straighten

  • Unexplained fatigue

  • Flu-like aches all over the body

  • Post-traumatic arthritis symptoms

  • Pain, mainly where a previous injury occurred

  • Worsening deformity after injury

Many of the symptoms of post-traumatic arthritis are similar to those of RA and osteoarthritis.

However, with post-traumatic arthritis, symptoms can usually be attributed to a previous injury. They can be diffuse, recurrent, or transient linked to pathology or manifest themselves chronically.

If it is advisable to consult a doctor if you suffer from joint pain, to determine the cause, it is possible to relieve it thanks to natural solutions that can come to supplement or support medical treatment.

Our naturopathic expert, Marie-Laure Durand, advises us on some natural home remedies.

1. Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory action.  Apply 4 drops of anointing directly to the painful areas 2 times a day until the pain subsides. Do not use in pregnant women or in children under 12 years of age.

2. A Decoction of Ginger

It is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory drugs capable of considerably reducing joint pain, especially pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. So we consume it without restraint!

Boil a liter of water then add thin slices of ginger at the time of boiling. Let it boil for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let steep for 15 minutes. Filter and drink up to 4 cups a day.

3. Turmeric Home Remedy

This food spice, very appreciated to raise the taste of our dishes, is also a powerful anti-inflammatory very useful in case of joint pain. It acts in particular on stiffness and functional discomfort.

Each day you can consume 4 pinches of turmeric to integrate into your dishes. Or mix a spoonful of turmeric with honey. You can also take it in the form of capsules.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before use in pregnant women and children. Ketogenic food is also helpful in problems of ARTHRITIS.

4. Blackcurrant Macerate

The blackcurrant bud has anti-inflammatory action. Cortisone-like, it mimics the principle of cortisone in its anti-inflammatory action.

Dilute 30 drops in half a glass of water, 2 times a day until the pain subsides. Do not use in pregnant women or children.

5. Arnica 5 CH in Homeopathy

Arnica is an anti-bruising, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory plant. It fights against aches and pains, even old ones.

You can take 3 granules 3 times a day and then on-demand until the symptoms disappear.

6. A Poultice of Organic Green or Red Clay

A natural source of minerals and trace elements, clay has remarkable pain-relieving and relaxing properties.

It also relieves inflammation problems, acne-prone skin, and digestive problems. Green and red clay are demineralizing and regenerating fragile areas.

You can make your own mixture (lukewarm water + clay until a homogeneous paste is obtained), making sure to use wooden utensils or find this mixture ready to use in pharmacies and organic stores.

Apply the clay in a thick layer (1 to 2 cm) on the painful area for 2 hours by placing a compress between the skin and the earth.

For an occlusive effect, you can wrap the area with cellophane paper. You can renew every day without exceeding three weeks of use. Do not use in pregnant women or children.

7. A Baking Soda Bath for Arthritis

Very popular, baking soda is used both to improve health and to clean the house. It is appreciated for its relaxing virtues.

8. An Application of Rosemary

Rosemary is an aromatic herb that has a calming action because it is rich in folic acid. It acts on infections around cartilage and joints. You can integrate it into your kitchen every day.

To make a compress, start by boiling a liter of water. Remove from the heat and add a handful of rosemary.

Once warm, you can immerse a cloth in the liquid. Wring out and apply for 15 minutes on painful areas. Do this twice a day until the pain subsides.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before use in pregnant women and children.

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Moreover, you do not need to visit a doctor by following our home remedies unless you feel it is out of control. So, stay tuned with us for more details:


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