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Beef Seekh Kabab

The beef Seekh kababs of Pakistanis is a famous recipe. This type of kabab has meat and vegetables cooked in an aluminum casserole, usually in a clay oven. This type of recipe is very traditional but slowly becoming popular amongst people from different regions.

The meat used for this type of recipe is generally pork or beef.

This recipe was made famous by the Punjabis. They mainly use beef but you can also use chicken or even pork in their recipes.

Ingredients And Procedure

The pork meat or beef used in this recipe is marinated in yogurt and lemon.

Also, spices like turmeric, paprika, garlic, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, etc are used to make it more appetizing. The spices and herbs used in this recipe add more flavor to the dish, making it more delicious.

If you are looking for some beef seekh kabab recipe in Urdu, then you may not find it as tasty as the pork or chicken-based one. It may taste good and satisfy your taste buds but you may be wondering how these kinds of kababs are prepared.

This article will introduce to you two of the most famous and common recipes of beef kababs.

One of the most traditional recipes is that of the chicken. In this recipe, meat is roasted and mixed with herbs and spices. This recipe is usually served with fresh rice. The meat used is always lean meat. Lean meat makes the recipe more tasty and nutritious.

The other most famous recipe of beef seekh kabab is that of beef and barley. The beef and barley mixture is cooked in an iron casserole. You can add a variety of meat to this casserole such as lamb, chicken, and even beef.

You can also bake this recipe with the use of an oven. In this recipe, the fat content is almost negligible, which makes the beer taste better.

There are many other ingredients that make beef seekh kabab more interesting. For example, you can also add different flavors of sauces to the beef or chicken. These flavors will enhance the taste of the beef or chicken as well as the whole recipe for beef seekh kabab.

So keep this in mind when you are preparing the beef kababs.

The first ingredient that you should look for when preparing this recipe is the meat. Make sure that you choose lean meat such as beef. If you are preparing the beef recipe for roti, then use whole wheat flour. This way, the meat will get cooked faster. Another thing is that you need to keep the spices separate from the meat. In order to do so, you can use some oil to separate them.

Final Verdict

Making this recipe for beef kabab is not a very difficult task at all. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned above. This way, you can make beef seekh recipes for yourself.

However, if you feel that you still have some problems in cooking the beef kabab, you can seek the help of a professional. The Internet has hundreds of resources for you to choose from.

So, start searching now and start enjoying the best beef seekh recipes.


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