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Turkish Chicken Adana Kebab Recipe


Turkish chicken Adana kebab is one of the most popular dishes in the region of Turkey. It is named after the city of Diyarbakir in southern Turkey.

This is a traditional diet that is being eaten by the people of this region of Turkey for many centuries.

The chicken Adana recipe is considered to be one of the most flavourful and nutritious recipes in the world.

Procedure and Ingredients

There are different ways you can make a Turkish chicken Adana recipe. One of the best ways to prepare this tasty Middle Eastern chicken recipe is using the method that uses uncooked meat. In this recipe, the chicken Adana kebab is cooked in a pula (shaped pan) in its own juices.

You will be able to add different ingredients and spices to the sauce and make a delicious and healthy meal that your whole family will love.

One of the best parts about the chicken Adana recipe is that you can use different types of sauces to give your meal a more distinct taste.

Most people use tomato-based sauces to give their recipes a delicious taste. However, you can also use different herbs and spices such as garlic, rosemary, mint, and basil to give your recipe a gourmet taste.

Some people use different types of seasonings to make their recipes even tastier.

You can start your Turkeychicken Adana kebab recipe the same way you would start any other type of kebab. First, you need to find out how much chicken Adana you will need for the recipe.

For this, you will need to use the measuring cup to pour the chicken Adana into the pan. If you are having it on the grill, you will use the marinade to coat the meat.

It is important to allow the marinade to coat the meat so that when you prepare the chicken Adana kebab recipe, you will not end up with a greasy-looking piece of meat.

After you have coated the chicken Adana in the marinade, it is time to cook the Turkish-style chicken Adana.

When you cook the chicken Adana, you will use a wooden or metal skewer to place the thin pieces of meat onto the skewers. It is important that the skewer is very wide.

The reason being is that when you use narrow skewers, the pieces of meat can be cut by the marinade and you will end up with a tough piece of meat. On the other hand, wide skewers prevent the meat from being cut.

After the skewer is placed into the preheated oven, it is important that you cover the skewer to help retain the heat.

Final Verdict

Since the chicken Adana recipe requires a lot of preparation, it is best that you use at least two pieces of the chicken Adana to make this recipe more manageable.

The chicken Adana recipe does call for large pieces of tomatoes. Therefore, when you are making your chicken Adana kebab, you should use small chunks of tomatoes to reduce the amount of work required to make the recipe.

Tomatoes are also an excellent way to increase the volume of the sauce that makes the recipe even tastier.

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