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Who Should Be Taking Dietary Supplements?

When you’re looking for supplementsfrom Supplement. First, you’re probably wondering about their effectiveness and safety. Before wondering about that, you first need to ask if you need these supplements in the first place. 

Over half of the American population would take at least one dietary supplement daily or occasionally. These are available without requiring a prescription and come in different forms, including vitamins, minerals, and botanicals known to help our mind and body.

While these are beneficial for us to get the recommended amount of nutrients for our general health, supplements aren’t necessary for EVERYONE.

That said, some people need dietary supplements. Here are the groups of people that will benefit from supplements from reputable brands.

1. Seniors

Seniors will greatly benefit from folate, along with vitamins D and B12 and other necessary vitamins they can get from supplements. Vitamin B12 is important in producing red blood cells and maintain healthy brain function.


Elderly people may experience difficulty in absorbing vitamin B12 from what they consume, which can lead to deficiencies. Furthermore, they may be choosy with what they consume or opt for unhealthier meals, which ends up with nutrient deficiencies.

2. Pregnant Women

Folic acid is an important supplement for pregnant women as it aids in proper prenatal development. This nutrient is found in dairy products, grains, meat, and vegetables.


This vitamin is crucial for unborn babies, which is why folic acid supplements are prescribed to pregnant women, which can be found in prenatal vitamins. Folic acid is also beneficial for women who are trying to get pregnant as well since it can help with fertility.


Furthermore, breastfeeding women will benefit from folic acid, B complex vitamins, and vitamin D.

3. Vegans


While supplements should not be a meal replacement, some restrictive diets require supplementation to maintain healthy nutrient levels. Vegans and vegetarians. For instance, would not be able to consume enough protein daily and can benefit from iron or vitamin B12 supplements.


Those who are unable to eat a healthy diet daily can also benefit from supplements. Because of our fast-paced world, we are more exposed to fast food or junk food, having no time (or budget) to prepare healthier meals. This is why supplements are beneficial in providing a bit more of the nutrients we tend to lack.

4. Those with Lack of Sun Exposure


Vitamin D supplements are necessary for those who are sun-deprived, as this vitamin is produced by the body from sun exposure. The supplement is best for those who work in indoor settings most of the day or for those living in areas where there is barely sun out.


Without vitamin D, your body cannot absorb calcium and this can result in weaker bones.


Wrapping It Up

If you or a loved one falls under the categories above, speak with a health professional to see what supplements you will need to add to your daily diet now.

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