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4 Ways For Pre-Meds To Gain Research Experience

Gaining research experience for pre-meds is considered by the med school calculator for all students who want to have a fulfilling medical career. However, it can turn out to be a daunting task with the endless applications to make as you seek unparalleled research experience. However, there are several ways of bettering your odds of joining a medical school. Below find four ways that pre-meds can use to gain research experience.

Engage in research projects

As Medical School HQ recommends, there’s no better way to gain clinical experience than to participate in research projects. As much as these projects spark interest in science subjects, they also give you background knowledge of what’s expected in your medicine course. By gaining the experience and the patience achieved in these research projects, you can rest assured of having a rich research experience.

Network relentlessly

Networking is an important aspect for pre-meds who are looking for research experience. Spreading the word for what you’re looking for is important in helping you secure such opportunities. Talk to family members and friends and let them know that you’re looking for clinical research experiences. This way, you’re in a better position to get a word about any ongoing research activities or upcoming slots. Consulting former career advisors and career mentors also go a long way in enabling you secure research opportunities. Therefore, you should network relentlessly and this could mean contacting your former training center for some consideration in any of their upcoming research programs. As a result, you’re in the best position to advance your medical career field.

Ensure that your CV stands out

Now that you’re looking for research experience, it’s time to make your resume stand out by including the strongest medical skills you possess. You should put together a unique and convincing CV. Also, medicine is a demanding career that requires special skills and strengths. Thus, showing strong interpersonal skills such as empathy and commitment in your CV goes a long way in portraying you as a fit candidate for the research experience. Most importantly, research investigators will overlook your academic qualifications as that’s primarily what every individual has in place. Therefore, unique qualities and personalities will stand out, thus securing this most sought-after position.

Showcase your set of co-curricular activities

Apart from portraying a strong GPA and impressive MCAT scores, you can showcase your co-curricular activities to boost your admission for a research experience. Ultimately, being active by volunteering puts you across as a committed med student who has been exposed to all kinds of experiences. Your rich experience interacting with people gives you an edge on the research opportunity as you possibly have all skills needed in the slot. So, those days you sacrificed your time to indulge in other activities that are not part of school work will finally pay off in the future when you’re looking for pre-meds research experiences. On top of this, co-curricular activities are perfect places to find people to devise recommendation letters for you.

Research experience for pre-med plays a crucial role when you’re applying for admission in pre-med school. Also, be sure to have background knowledge of what’s expected in your med school to ensure you meet all the requirements and increase your chances of admission. 


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