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Benefits of Fresh Garlic | A Detailed Guide

We all love Garlic. It can be used fresh or cooked, and it imparts an exceptional flavor to any dish. The pungent aroma comes from allicin, an antioxidant compound that contributes to eating garlic’s several health benefits: reducing blood pressure (BP), reducing inflammation problem, boosts immunity system, and more. Besides, garlic is rich in the antioxidant quercetin and vitamins A and C.

Garlic is considered a prebiotic food. For those of us who may have noticed, probiotics are food for the bacteria in our gut. Keeping them happy is essential for health. (Don’t confuse probiotics with probiotics, which are the actual bacteria.)

They get even more nutritional value, mince or crush your fresh garlic before cooking—mincing releases alliinase, an enzyme that increases the build-up of allicin, the antioxidant mentioned above. Let minced garlic sit for 10 minutes to improve its allicin content. Then cook.

Know Briefly:

Garlic belongs to the Allium family, which also comprises onions, shallots, chives, and leeks. Since its discovery in Central Asia over 6,000 years ago, we have used garlic for medicinal and culinary purposes.  The Old Testament has even examined one food most craved by the Israelites exiled from Egypt (Numbers 11:5-6).  Long known for its healing properties, we even used garlic in Medieval Europe as a panacea against the Black Plague and spiritual possession.  Long a staple in Asian and Mediterranean diets, garlic is today a significant ingredient around the world.

A “bulb” or “head” of garlic comprises many cloves encased in a parchment-enjoy protecting outer skin. Like many in the same family, it grows garlic for its underground bulb, including swollen leaf bases that store energy for the next growing season. 

It accumulates these energy stores as fructose carbohydrates rather than long-chains of glucose (starch), as with other plants. All members of the Allium family have peculiar tastes because of their specific volatile oils, including sulfur. 

This sulfur-like taste is a natural defense that prevents animals from eating the plants. The plant takes up sulfur from the soil in which it raises and converts it into a form held in storage.  Raw garlic has a crunchy taste and a spicy, intense flavor. Cooked garlic is soft and spreadable and has a peculiar sweet flavor that makes it a versatile element in so many cuisines.

Pro-Tip for soup lovers: 

Mince several garlic cloves, then add to any clear soup (bouillon) just before serving. Garlic is known for its flavor and aroma. It uses garlic in various foods. Fresh garlic has distinct smells and flavors. Fresh garlic has a strong odor and a spicy taste. Until many people almost cannot eat fresh garlic. The most important thing that should be considered when deciding to try these products is our body or our health.

Healthy people No underlying disease and no family history of risk: 

Blood pressure, heart disease, clogged arteries High cholesterol or diabetes, there is almost no need for garlic extract supplements because the benefits may be less.

Caution:  Normal garlic consumption Together with eating an entire food group and exercising is better than consuming extra garlic.

Healthy people currently, there is no underlying disease:

But may have a family history of either of the symptoms in may use garlic products. Selecting the one that matches the signs you want to use, but should use the smallest size. It emphasizes supplementary prevention. However, it must not be in a desirable group. Be careful to say further.

People who start to have symptoms of disorders:

One of the above mentioned in the item. And doctors have also diagnosed drugs such as cholesterol levels not being relatively high but have not reached the required drug level. But be careful about food, etc. may use garlic products. By selecting products that match the symptoms, you want to use, along with diet adjustments improve men’s health problems. 

People with symptoms of disorders:

One of the above items and the doctor decides that drug therapy should not use garlic supplements. Without inquiring about the suitability and necessity with the treating doctor or pharmacist first must not forget that Health supplements are not drugs and cannot be used to treat existing diseases. But it may help the results of drug treatment sometimes, should not leave the prescription and use a supplement instead.

Group taking precautions in deciding to use garlic supplements

From those separated by health groups already mentioned for those in the group who are likely to choose to use the product, Garlic can be added. Continue to consider that Are you in any of the following ways? 

If only on one of the above, you should not use a garlic supplement:

– People with low normal blood pressure

– Most People with normal blood sugar levels because garlic affects blood sugar control by affecting insulin.

– People who usually have to bleed and the bleeding often stops slowly Because garlic will cause the blood to stop liquid more slowly if there is an accident will cause a lot of blood loss And life-threatening

-Those who regularly take other medications such as aspirin, peptic ulcer medications, antibiotics, antivirals, no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Medicines, liver enzymes, garlic, etc., must metabolize that, affect these transformation processes. Can cause drugs if you want to use them together to consult your doctor or pharmacist to establish a new dosage for safety.

– Pregnant or breastfeeding women because there is no apparent safety information.

– In people diagnosed with modern medication for treatment. It is strongly advised not to use garlic. 

Supplement instead of medication because it cannot replace the treatment effect.

While garlic has many benefits from the many chemicals present in garlic, don’t use garlic to prevent symptoms. While we are in good health because we receive chemicals that contain Impact the body’s sound systems, we should study and understand them before using them. Everyone is different and does not operate according to others; the results may not be the same for each person. 

It is also essential to eat a complete diet, get enough rest, and exercise regularly. Also, garlic improves sensual health like erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and impotence problems. Fildena 100mg and Super P Force is a safe remedy that helps in ED and impotence problems in men. 

What are the main Health Benefits of eating Garlic?

Research has examined the medicinal uses of Allium sativum in health diseases, including heart health, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, microbial infections, cancer, and other conditions. The health effects of eating garlic include:

  • Anti-diabetic

  • Anti-cancer

  • Anti-hyperlipidaemia

  • Anti-hypertensive

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-microbial

  • Antioxidant

  • Hepatoprotective

  • Immune-modulating

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