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Benefits of Watermelon to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

According to the sexuality specialist from that Research, a slice of the fruit would have control over the male erection and even increase libido. “Consumption within the specified amount ensures, relaxes and dilates blood vessels while improving blood flow and offers more strength to erections, acting like viagra, but in an exceedingly natural way and without side effects for the body.”

Citrullus lanatus, commonly called watermelon, acendría, syndrome, patella, aguamelón, or watermelon, could be a Cucurbitaceae species family, native to Africa. However, it’s an excellent presence and diffusion in Asia.

The plant is widely cultivated throughout the planet thanks to its fruit, an enormous preponed. By the way, the record was an 88.5 kg specimen. Surprisingly, right?

Its botanical characteristics include being a climbing or creeping species, with an annual cycle. It’s prepared texture, with hairy stems supplied with tendrils and deep five-lobed leaves. The flowers are yellow, large, and unisexual. The feminine ones have the gynoecium with three carpels and the male ones with five stamens.

Refresh and nourish

There are no more refreshing thanks to counteracting summer’s warmth in tropical countries than an honest glass of melon juice over ice. Besides the pleasant taste on the palate, people who have tried this drink feel more significant relief from the recent flush of high temperatures.

The nutritional value and other benefits make us pay special attention to its consumption. it’s easy to handle because it doesn’t have to be peeled. This particularity makes it a perfect dessert for the small ones, and, given the soft texture of its pulp, it’s indicated for people who have difficulty chewing food.

The high amount of water makes it a powerful moisturizer. Therefore, it’s a snack that’s especially recommended for older people who dislike drinking enough fluids. Two good slices of watermelon replace a glass of water and with the pleasure of tasting a refreshing, sweet, and attractive delicacy.

In general, it’s easy to digest, although it will be indigestible for a few people if they eat it after meals. Its high water intake dilutes gastric juices, thus delaying the digestion of food, which causes the ensuing feeling of fullness and bloating.

On the opposite hand, it represents a potent diuretic; that is, it increases urine production. Its consumption is indicated for those that suffer from kidney stones, high acid, hypertension, and other diseases that cause fluid retention.

As may be expected, melon is useful in weight-loss diets, since a double portion of the food will be supplied to the body, without the identical consequences as many other fruits.

Healing properties

Whose pulp is pink and red, are considered a moderate source of lycopene. Numerous scientific studies have shown that this component has antioxidant properties. If it’s included within the diet, it reduces the danger of certain forms of cancer, generally of the pancreas, lung, colon, and prostate. It also reduces the chance of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, beneficial effects on the system, the control of growth, and cell differentiation.

While a cup of chopped watermelon has about nine grams of sugar, argues the specialist, a medium banana contains 14 to fifteen grams of the sweet, like a cup of blueberries (blueberries). Dietary recommendations indicate that adults should eat two cups of fruit every day.

Although cantaloupe contains a high glycemic index, its high water content gives it a lower load, which implies that it doesn’t spike glucose quickly if consumed commonly.

In Puebla, Mexico, it’s recommended to treat malaria and Sonora for rheumatism, constipation, nephropathy, gout, and tract disorders. In Michoacán, the councils of grandparents consider their qualities in healing burns. For this purpose, they use the fruit in slices, applied externally on the affected epidermis.

Watermelon: natural viagra?

Back to the finding, in line with recent research on the effectiveness of consuming watermelon in solving dysfunction. It might be useful to reflect on some bibliographic notes that address the topic. Let’s read.

Nowadays, the rise in hope and, therefore, the quality of life of men and girls has led, among other factors, to an increasing number of older folks that don’t want to grant up sex due to age. However, men often need to accommodate impotence.

Fortunately, many of them can have an everyday sex life with the assistance of Kamagra Oral Jelly and other similar drugs. it’s a double-edged sword since they will temporarily “remedy” the disorder. Sometimes it does so at the price of very undesirable side effects. Additionally, it’s not recommended for people with previous cardiovascular problems, such as many middle-aged men.

For this reason, researchers still look for a replacement treatment that’s non-invasive and don’t cause health problems. Much remains to be investigated. One possible option can be closer handy than it seems.

It should be borne in mind that some herbs extend blood flow, facilitating erection. This step-up in effusion could cause vascular problems for people with heart disorders, as critical as watermelon’s strategy.

In this case, the erection is facilitated by a substance present during this fruit, referred to as citrulline. it’s a non-protein organic compound, which, once within the body, is transformed into another called arginine, which promotes the synthesis of gas. This matter helps to open the vessels in an exceedingly way that improves blood flow and erections.

On the opposite hand, it’s been proven that men with male erectile dysfunction tend to possess lower levels of 1 of those two amino acids. Its relationship with erections seems clear.

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