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Portable Oxygen Concentrator

What is a portable oxygen concentrator´╝č

A portable oxygen concentrator is a medical device that compresses the surrounding air and gives it to patients in a purer and more concentrated form. Best of all, as long as the oxygen generator is plugged into a power outlet or has a battery, the oxygen supply is continuous.
It is very beneficial to the elderly who have low oxygen content in the blood for any reason. This is because portable oxygen concentrators are lighter and easier to use than standard oxygen tanks. This provides a solution for those who need to travel.
When people get older, there are many reasons for oxygen therapy. These include postoperative recovery, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep apnea, and even anemia can cause hypoxia. A simple way to increase the oxygen content in the blood is to use a portable oxygen concentrator. Its role is because they suck in the surrounding air, compress the air, and then filter out the nitrogen with a sieve bed, and then leave 90% pure oxygen. Then inhale pure oxygen with a mask or nasal cannula.

How does the oxygen machine work?

For today’s oxygen therapy patients, treating their physical condition is usually stressful. But under this pressure, they are also increasingly insisting on maintaining an active and independent lifestyle. If they had to use old and bulky oxygen tanks to restrict their movement, it would be very difficult. It’s time to adopt a better solution so that they can enrich their lives with the latest equipment.

Oxygen generator type:

There are two types of oxygen generators: household and portable.
As the name suggests, household appliances use the power available in the patient’s home. It only needs to be plugged into a wall socket.
The design of the home concentrator is to move in the patient’s home, so it needs to be more durable. Many models have an average weight of 30-53 pounds and are equipped with casters to work smoothly between different rooms. If this pipe has a long water supply pipe, it can even be moved outdoors. The most popular home concentrator is Respironics, which is one of the quietest home appliances because of its lightweight (31 pounds).
Portable concentrators can also blow into wall sockets, but they do more than that. They are very light and can also be inserted into a car’s 12V DC cigarette lighter or use a lithium-ion battery. Most portable oxygen generators are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and can be used on trains, buses, and cruise ships.

How is oxygen delivered?

As long as the oxygen generator is plugged into a permanent wall power supply, the newly formed oxygen can be delivered through a stable power supply. Intubation is a device suitable for the nostrils. Usually supported by earrings. When patients breathe oxygen through the cannula, they also breathe the surrounding air. It is generally recommended to mix with oxygen and dilute in order.
Oxygen masks come in many shapes and sizes. They always cover the mouth and nostrils. The air passing through the mask is more concentrated than the air in the sleeve. It should also be noted that the relief valve is more comfortable than the hood.
Troubleshoot oxygen generator.
Each oxygen concentrator provides a visual and audible alarm to inform the patient if there is a problem with the equipment. These include:
1 Power supply (detection) failure
2 High and low-pressure alarm
three. Patients should be aware that if the outlet pressure drops below a certain level or becomes too high, there may be internal problems requiring maintenance. If so, it may just be a clogged filterer, or internal valves or compressors may complicate it. Patients should contact the dealer who purchased the oxygen machine for help.

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