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Home Remedies For Toothache

Toothache is excruciating. This is due to non-proper passaging of teeth, due to insects or swollen gums as well as pain is very intense and restless. 

Fluid beverages like oatmeal, moong dal, soup, etc. should be taken in toothache. Relief of pain can be relieved by using some simple home remedies described in Ayurveda as a household medicine.

If you went to toothache, then it’s essential to know what is the root of this toothache.

What is the reason for your discomfort of teeth it is either pain, swelling, or other symptoms?

Pain in the tooth is not relieving for one or two days then you should go for a consult with your dentist according to the symptoms of your toothache that will give you the solution to that problem.

You should take guidance from your dentist before using the home remedies for toothache. There are specific home remedies for toothache that can help you to get relief from this illness.

12 Home Remedies for Toothache


Pressing a small piece of camphor with a sore tooth and dropping saliva from the mouth is beneficial.

It is one of the best options to relieve the pain of the tooth because it has an anti-inflammatory property. Camphor gives pain relief in just 5 minutes.

You can’t take camphor if you have allergic to aspirin.


Putting salt on a piece of ginger and pressing it with a tooth helps to relieve pain. Due to the antibacterial property, It is known for soothing a variety of ailments, just like a toothache.

Ginger is right for your teeth fan, and gems raw Ginger remove play from your teeth. Also, has anti-inflammatory properties which are most helpful for our teeth pain gives relief to teeth.

Black pepper

Grind both black pepper and basil leaves and make a tablet and press it in the teeth; it ends the pain—a black paper primary source of nutrients.

Having inflammation property reduces the germs got in teeth. So doing it black people help us to reduce the teeth pain and taking a large number of black pepper results in side effects for our health.


Toasted teeth mixed with two drops of lemon juice in four to five pieces But pain is removed by rubbing. Cloves juicing for tooth pain from old age.

It Decreases the pain of the tooth due to the inflation property. To use it you should dilute the clove oil with few drops of olive oil or water.


If there is pain in the gums, keeping the piece of onion pressed with teeth and sucking its juice is beneficial.

Ticket of a part of the onion is comfortable for your mouth to add a slice of onion which gives the release pain from our teeth. The antiseptic property of onion kills the bacteria present in the mouth or teeth.


It is rich in minerals and vitamins that increase the strength of the tooth. Asafoetida is very useful to relieve tooth pain problems.

Grind asafetida and apply it to the teeth; it provides relief in pain. You can rinse with asafoetida water that will give you more benefits for your teeth.


Parsley is fantastic for mouth-related diseases such as gem increasing, tooth decay, growth of bacteria. It acts as a reducer for the growth of microorganisms or bacteria in the mouth. Put parsley on fire and smoke in the pulses; there will be a benefit.


Giving moist paste on guava leaves provides benefits. Guava provides tooth pain in the short term and quick in time.

Guava leaves juice will act as relief in pain. Can use boiled water of guava leaves and mix the saltwater in it for mouth horse that will kill the bacteria present in your mouth.


Potassium alum is used to kill the germs present in teeth. Alum can help bleeding gums dad should not hurt the teeth. If toothache due to alum hole, soaking cotton in alum solution, pressing with the tooth would be beneficial;


Galic used to relieve pain, kill harmful bacteria. It is using to relieve the pain of teeth. Garlic is also useful for our health most.

Black salt

If a black tooth is shaken or aching, then mixing black salt mixed with sesame oil and brushing it is beneficial.

Rock salt

Mixing two to four drops of mustard oil in two grams of rock salt and brushing it daily cures all types of diseases of the teeth.

Here we have listed the 12 most useful and beneficial natural home remedies for toothache that will help you to get relief from tooth pain at night or in the day when there is no doctor near to you.

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