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Effects of Lockdown on Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is surely one of the disorders that not only affect physically but mentally too. A person suffering from Erectile Dysfunction will relate to it. 

Biologically ED is just the non-erection of the penis but there are many reasons which lead to ED. And those reasons are a disorder in themselves. This COVID-19 pandemic is almost nearing its end as the vaccination program is on. But when the lockdown was newly imposed. 

It was a new thing experienced by a lot of us. We didn’t know how to respond to these situations. Freshly the concept of work from home was invented. Similarly, our intimate life also saw a change like never before. 

In this article, we shall discuss what changes did the lockdown made to people already suffering from a sexual disorder like ED.

Work-Sleep cycle mixed

When the lockdown was imposed for the first time, all of us for the first time in life faced such situations. Curfew was imposed and that too strictly being inspected by regular patrolling of policemen.

People were stressed, in panic conditions. For those who were employed in desk jobs, the whole system was shifted to their home. There is a need for everything and simultaneously we need to be careful about its excess.

When people spent 8 to 9 hours in their offices and returned home at 10 pm. There was a longing in people to meet/her partner and family. Work was completed at the office; home was fully for intimate moments with a partner. 

But with the advent of ‘work from home culture, our home becomes both our office and home. This mixture is not well for our mental health and overall mood. A home is a place where we leave all our hardships of the world outside and come to rest. But home being treated as another office became the need of the day. 

The lunchtime when the whole family assembled at the dining table the man and the woman were busy on their laptop or files. And the big tech companies also burdened their employees with more extra work as they were at home. 

People were sleeping at 3:00 am and waking up at 8 am. So, those who were suffering from Erectile Dysfunction became more depressed. Inadequate sleep leads to stress, anxiety which further favor Erectile Dysfunction. 

The safety precautions against COVID-19 

Now when the vaccine has been made and being distributed across the world. People are ignoring the safety measures of wearing masks and sanitizers. 

But in February and March last year when the COVID for the whole world. People were so scared that they regularly checked the no. of cases in their states. If the cases went up, they put on masks even in their homes. 

A slight sneeze or cough sparked fear among other family members. Everyone tried to make as much less contact they could. In such situations thinking of sexual intercourse initiated a feeling of danger in couples. 

There were many incidents where men were busy on zoom meetings and the women kissed him which was visible to everyone. Don’t take it against women but it was evident across both genders. 

Is there any scientific relation between COVID-19 and Married life?

When doctors and experts were asked whether coronavirus could spread through sexual interactions? They replied with a Yes. COVID-19 virus can be transmitted through feces, saliva, mucus, urine, and semen. 

So, scientifically it is true that sexual interactions between a couple can spread the COVID-19 virus to the other partner. So, doctors advised avoiding if couples could but it was not a hard and fast rule. 

If both of the partners are corona negative then there is no problem with it. You can go for sexual intercourse as many times as you like. 

What to do after lockdown removal?

Now since the lockdown has been removed go and meet your love interest. But when the matter becomes intimate step away till both of you are vaccinated. 

Understand that vaccines will prevent you from having corona but for those who are suffering from the corona,, there is no medicine instead they are treated with medicines used for flu and malaria.

And moreover, the corona is not something that is over, and the vaccines are not also provided to all. Hence, it is time to be highly protective, so as to make your life run smoothly. 

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