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Long Term Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

A lot of people are skeptical about orthodontic treatments. Especially so, when it comes to orthodontic consultations and treatments at early ages, it is still a matter of ignorance for many. As much as adults need regular visits to the dental clinic, kids need to be tended to too early into their childhood to diagnose and eliminate any orthodontic problems they might face in the future.

While it may seem a bit tedious to get treatments for kids, early orthodontic treatments have their own benefits. Here we list a few ‘whys’ and ‘how’s’ for early orthodontic treatments.

Early Teeth Loss

Early tooth loss may not seem such a big deal. But its implications can prove to be problematic in the future. Once a child starts to lose his/her milk teeth, the shifting of surrounding teeth is a possibility.

Such shifting of teeth can cause the upcoming teeth to be in a crooked position which can be painful and dangerous for the child.

Regular check-ups and proper treatment can help save such issues in kids. There are orthodontic fixtures or devices that can be used to prevent the misalignment of teeth.

Teeth Alignment

Teeth alignment is an issue that many of us face. In children, the alignment of teeth may start appearing crowded or crooked after the age of 5. This is mostly, the stage where the milk teeth have fallen out and new teeth are setting in.

To correct the alignment of crooked teeth, children have to go through a treatment where braces or retainers are used. With the latest advancement in technology, the process of braces treatment has become rather pain-free and easier to manage.

Protruding Teeth

Protruding teeth are a result of thumb sucking or dental misalignment. The reason protruding teeth need orthodontic intervention is that they aren’t visually appealing and they can be the underlying cause of greater dental and facial problems in the child.

Scans and X-rays can determine if protruding teeth need to be treated with surgery, braces or simple retainers are enough. Getting early orthodontic consultations can help figure out such issues before it becomes difficult for the child to deal with.

Biting Issues

A good and healthy set of teeth have no problem biting and chewing food. For children who have misaligned teeth are not able to chew food easily. There are discomfort and irritation which can lead to severe problems.

This is majorly caused when the teeth grow crooked and do not fit one on top of the other. Orthodontic treatments such as teeth alignment and can help the child have a much better set of teeth.

Speech Impairment

A lot of kids suffer from speech impairment due to crooked and larger teeth or dental trauma. In such cases, it is difficult for the child to utter clear and audible words. There are treatments in the dental industry that can fix such problems using surgical methods as well as dental devices such as dental implants, braces, and retainers.

To treat speech impairment in children, orthodontists prefer using methods that are safer and painless for the children.

Breathing Issues and Snoring

Breathing through the mouth and eventually snoring is a problem that comes with misaligned teeth. Children who have a misaligned set of teeth may not be able to close their mouth completely which leads to breathing and snoring problems.

Orthodontists suggest that early diagnosis and treatment and for such an issue is essential to figure out any other underlying issues the child might face in the future.

Misaligned Jaws

Misaligned jaws result in problems such as issues with chewing food and speech impairment. As visually unappealing as it can be, misaligned jaws can bring about bigger challenges to the child. This can be painful and uncomfortable for the child.

It can further lead to issues such as crooked or crowded teeth, grinding of teeth, and unhealthy gums. Getting proper treatment in time can save the child from suffering.

What Orthodontists Suggest?

Orthodontists suggest that from an early age proper oral care should be followed for children. As the children are prone to issues such as cavities and injuries due to falling down, regular dental visits will help them have healthier and cleaner teeth.

Orthodontists suggest the following for better oral care amongst children:

  • Regular brushing and flossing (twice a day)
  • Using soft bristle brush for children to avoid wound to the gums
  • Regular dental visits for check-ups and dental cleaning
  • Using a prescribed toothbrush and toothpaste brand
  • Having clean and healthy eating habit, avoid excessive sweets and fast food
  • For parents, be attentive to issues such as thumb sucking and grinding of teeth, get immediately checked for underlying issues

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