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Ear Infection Symptoms

Otitis is a widespread ear inflammation in children. Their immune system is indeed still immature. And the conduit between the ear and the nose (Eustachian tube) where bacteria and viruses can accumulate is narrower in them. Besides, they do not know how to blow their nose, which prevents natural cleaning of the nose. It is the common ear infection symptoms. Otitis often occurs as a result of a cold. We can relieve otitis pain through the use of Home remedies for ear infections in adults.

There are three types of otitis, depending on which part of the ear is affected:

  • Externa Otitis,
  • Otitis media
  • Interna Otitis Symptoms.

Media Otitis is the most common. Otitis externa is a mild inflammation of the outer ear that often occurs after swimming.

Here are the symptoms of otitis externa: severe pain, redness, a slight decrease in hearing, and possibly a yellowish or whitish discharge.

Otitis media is an inflammation of the middle ear that can lead to complications if not treated properly.

Symptoms of otitis media in children are more or less severe pain, the feeling of having a blocked ear, fever, a flow, vomiting and diarrhea, general malaise.

Ear Infection Symptoms

How is otitis diagnosed?

A general practitioner or ENT doctor (otolaryngologist) examines your ears with a particular device (otoscope). You may have an audiogram (at the ENT).

To relieve fever and pain, it is essential to use painkillers, with paracetamol as a priority. The use of an ibuprofen type anti-inflammatory is also possible as an alternative after the age of 3 months.

Antibiotics if symptoms are moderate

Antibiotics have no interest in sero-mucosal otitis or congestive otitis. The majority of Amos recover without antibiotics, so you can abstain from antibiotic treatment beyond two years of age if the signs (pain, fever) are moderate, and under temperature and pain monitoring. Antibiotic therapy is indicated in children under two years of age, in case of severe pain or fever above 39 ° C or if the pain or fever does not decrease after 24/48 H.

The antibiotic prescribed is generally amoxicillin alone or the amoxicillin / clavulanic acid combination in the form of tablets or oral solutions in the absence of allergy to penicillin.

Ear pain due to cold

In the face of increased pressure, caused by the cold, the blood vessels constrict. As a consequence, the blood flow to the ear is reduced and can flow to the inner ear. The constriction of the blood vessels can lead to tremendous pain in the ears.

Ear drops

The installation of drops in the ear canal has little use in acute otitis media. The infection is located behind the eardrum. Some can help reduce pain. In any case, it is much more critical in the case of OMA to put drops in the nose than in the ears! Still, only some are usable in this case, the others, potentially toxic for the ear being contraindicated in case of perforation.

Home remedies for ear infection in adults

Otitis media, whether internal or external, is a condition that mainly affects children, but which adults are not free from. Pulsating pain, headache, hearing impairment, sometimes accompanied by fever and dizziness form the symptom table. There are, however, natural treatments and remedies to soothe the ear infection symptoms of otitis. Home remedies for ear infections in adults are most useful for otitis.

Lemon as a natural home remedy for otitis

Lemon is known for its high antioxidant vitamin C content, its multiple virtues in strengthening the immune system against viruses and bacteria. How to use it in the case of otitis? Lemon juice should be used at the first symptoms to have a good result with this natural remedy. For this, we squeeze the lemon and pour two drops of lemon juice into the ear canal twice a day. Lemon as home remedies for ear infections in adults plays a vital role.

Essential oils to help otitis media

It is essential to observe certain precautions: essential oils are not suitable for pregnant and lactating women or babies. Finally, essential oils are not to be used purely here but diluted in a few drops of vegetable oil. To alleviate the symptoms of otitis, you can use various essential oils: essential oil of eucalyptus radiated, lavender, niaouli, thyme with linalool. To do this, mix two drops of essential oil with vegetable oil and massage around the ear.

Hot water to drain the earwax causing otitis

When a plug of earwax causes an ear infection, then hot water is a particularly useful natural remedy. The action is twofold: the heat will soften the earwax accumulated at the bottom of the ear canal, and the water will allow the softened earwax to drain out of the ear. For this, you should, of course, not use boiling water, but lukewarm water. Pour a few drops of water into the ear canal, after tilting the head. Hold for five minutes to allow the earwax to soften, and then turn your head down to drain the water and earwax.

These natural treatments and remedies are not a substitute for a visit to the doctor or the drug treatment he has prescribed. They are complementary.

Hot water to unclog the ear

Hot water is an excellent natural remedy for relieving ear infections. Its analgesic power soothes pain related to inflammation. The heat makes it possible to soften the plug of cerumen and to evacuate the wax. This treatment is ideal for improving circulation and fighting infections and eczema in the ear.

How to use: Pour 2 to 3 drops of lukewarm water into the affected ear by tilting its head to the side. Wait 5 minutes to reject the earwax. Dry with a clean towel.

Garlic to fight infection

Right natural antibiotic, garlic is formidable when it comes to fighting infections. And for a good reason, its multiple virtues allow it to cure many ailments. Antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, garlic is the ideal remedy for treating otitis. Preferably, opt for organic garlic because it contains more sulfur, the main component of its antiseptic constituents. it is very helpful for otitis.

Directions: Prepare garlic juice by cooking cloves of garlic. The steam will facilitate the extraction of the milk. Run three drops into the sore ear. You can also use pure garlic oil by letting it penetrate for a few minutes for better efficiency.

Onion to relieve inflammation

Natural remedy to fight against many infections and diseases, onion is full of antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Rich in mineral salts and active components, this food is excellent for treating otitis externa. The onion fights bacteria and helps relieve inflammation.

How to use: The use is simple: cut a fresh and organic onion, preferably, and wrap it with a cloth. Leave on for 5-10 minutes on the infected ear. Make sure to position your head so that the onion juice gets into the ear.

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