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Water Purifier: Necessary Invention

The priceless gift of water to the human race is getting polluted and depleted day by day. Humans understood the gravity of the situation and developed ways to filter, conserve, and recycle water. There are various ways in which we filter water. The techniques have evolved a few thousand years. To the earliest humans started using cloths as membranes to filter out suspended particles. Then they used charcoal or even sand to get rid of other smaller particles and microbes. Humans studied more, and with time now, we have modern technologies built around water purification systems. These water purifier systems work in our homes, offices, and industries and can be of various shapes and sizes.

Water Purification and Water Softening

Humans who started from membranes have now developed techniques like Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet exposure techniques to purify water. Not only are we purifying water but also taking the help of science and technology to solve the problem of hard water. Water-rich in minerals like iron loses its dissolving property. To make water soft, we have various water softener agents and methods. One such method is through adding lime. Another method is to add chelating agents Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or in short EDTA. The other most commonly used method is the ion-exchange method.

Do You Need A Water Purifier?

Now since we have a good idea about how the water purification process works and what goes behind a water purifier, let’s bring our focus to the most important question an end-user one might have. Which is, do I need a water purifier? If yes, what type and what brand? In this section, let’s try to answer these questions.

The choice of water purifier depends on the end purpose. If you are planning to buy it for your home or office setting, then there are household water purifier brands and models. But if you are looking for an industrial water purifier for commercial purposes or larger office space or community, then choices will be different. Before jumping to any decision to buy so and so brand, one must do some research to start?

What Type Of Water Purifier Suits Your Need?

First, one needs to know about the quality of water supplied in his or her area. If the supply is clean enough to be used for drinking, then a simple filter might be enough. But if tap water has quality issues and people in the surrounding have faced illness due to it, then a good water purifier is needed. Once you know about that, it’s time to look out for various brands and models which fit you need. You should also consider your budget while doing so. Once you decide on the model or design, you should narrow down the brand. This is trickier as you need to research the brand a little bit.

We must remember that water purifiers are not buying and forget the type of appliances, whether for home or office or commercial use. They need regular maintenance and time to time replacement of parts, especially filters. So based on these, one must look for a brand that has a good name in after-sales service and has a commendable service network in your neighborhood. Also, you need to check your budget and keep money aside to but after-sales service and warranty extension packages. Through them, you can secure services and replacements of parts for a year or two in addition to the warranty period.


So we can say that we should always buy a good water purifier brand with awesome after-sales service because this is about our health and our family’s health. Since water is a non-negotiable necessity, we should not negotiate while we buy a water purifier.


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