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Best Rotimatic Review 2021

What is Rotimatic?

It is an Automatic Roti Maker Machine with 2 Years base warranty. It is the first automatic roti making robot all over the world. It makes from dry flour to a fully puffed roti in just 90 seconds.
it is the Built-in AI technology that permits Rotimatic to mechanically measure, dispense, mix and knead – one ideal dough ball at a time.

One ideal roti every 90 seconds! It will take 6 mins to warm-up when you first start your Rotimatic.
You can customize it according to your taste. It also permits you to alter the thickness, roast, and oil stage for each flatbread. It makes rotis, puris, pizza base, and masala rotis.
It has 2 years base warranty; you can buy it from Amazon.


Rotimatic reviews

Here are a lot of awaited Rotimatic reviews. In this post, my main concern is on the benefits and drawbacks of Rotimatic and its pricing structure. Rotimatic price; Is it really at $999?

With the ongoing summer season sale, you are getting $100 off on its price, and free shipping, the real worth is $119. You can get an additional $50 off by using this rotimatic coupon – ROTIMATIC50. That is a complete of $269 off on your Rotimatic. Read more to understand is it all well worth it?

Rotimatic Reviews

Before stepping into the Rotimatic review, I would love to share something. I always share my posts after doing a lot of Homework and if it fits my topic then I will proceed with it for posting.

Similarly, I did massive research before figuring out this Rotimatic collaboration. For Rotimatic, I went a long way and beyond. I study unique boards, evaluations on Quora, talked to buddies who own the product.

I noticed it in my friend’s region and preferred it. That’s when I was given this collaboration opportunity as nicely.

The Reviews are not biased just because it is sponsored by someone. Before accepting a product, we all do vast research. I am a product owner as properly. Every product has its pros and cons.

I did my stage of best to include all the points in this review. If I have overlooked any, kindly permit me to realize, and I can speak approximately it as properly.

On the Rotimatic recipe posts additionally, I could be sharing my review approximately the product, its functions, pros, and cons. So, this is not the stop of the review.

Now allow me to share the pros before the cons,

Roti Quality:

As I explain above if you are health-conscious, want to Stay healthier free from any diseases, and also want a good quality roti as well as you want to make it by yourself then I want to tell you that it is an excellent choice for you.

Roti made by rotimatic is soft, fresh, and wholesome. Also, it puffs up sincerely properly and perfectly cooked outside and inside with the edges.
We all have our unique fashion of cooking, so does Rotimatic.

Let me take an instant that supposes you have mum’s rotis, and there are Rotimatic rotis. They each have their personal charm, and it would be unfair to say one is worse than the other because each is similarly satisfying!

Rotimatic Review

Ease of Use:

It is very simple and easy to use as just like smartphones nowadays. My nine-year younger son can operate it very efficiently, and he could make rotis when he needs it on his very own. That’s all.

One Hardware and Multiple Software updates:

This is the BIGGEST advantage according in my opinion. I usually love my kitchen and gadgets which are used in the kitchen, and my care for Instant Pot is universal.

Can you believe I have bought it too? I have two versions of Instant pot one is 7 in 1 and the second one is a 9 in 1 version. (And you know I want to let you know that I have no complaints right here and if they launch a subsequent one, I will definitely buy that one as well)

So when there may be an update, you want to shop for a brand new system, however, with Rotimatic, you don’t want to. The software upgrade takes care of it. You will pay for the unique hardware.


Cleaning is pretty smooth, but as I explained above, you can not skip the cleaning ordinary after making the rotis. The parts are dishwasher safe. The rate is you pay is for the benefit, for the clean and wholesome rotis.

I would love to insist on the summer sale and the ROTIMATIC50 coupon code. It brings the fee down to $849 with free specific shipping. Avail it earlier than it ends.

Internet Access and What in case you do not have the Internet?

In one of the Rotimatic discussion forums on Quora, I examine that your net router has to be nearby the system and you need to have a reliable internet connection. I actually have my net router nearby my kitchen so it’s running fine. I attempted disconnecting my net and tested, even though it’s now not the case within the USA. It worked flawlessly fine.


Initial Tries:

During the preliminary few tries, I observed that a number of the rotis were not getting pressed. It just got here out as a massive blob.

I forgot to take a picture, however, it did not appear after that. What I discovered from the Rotimatic Team become that Rotimatic sensors take time initially to adapt to the new setting like humidity and many others and receive higher with time until it learns how to roll the appropriate dough ball. I am so amazed by the aid of Intelligence and its capabilities.

Warranty and Refunds:

You can examine the warranty, refund policy of the Rotimatic website. I don’t want to copy it. I hope I have covered all of the points. If you experience any, if I actually have missed any, please feel free to go away a comment or contact me through my social channels. I would really like to address the ones as properly.

Rotimatic Coupon

Now that, I have discussed all the pros, let me discuss the cons.

The weight of the Rotimatic

It is exceptionally heavy. You can’t bring it around like an instant pot or even a wet grinder. I preserve my wet grinder in my pantry, and when it found to be needed in the kitchen I bring it in the kitchen and use it. But with Rotimatic, that’s no longer the case.

You want to set aside space where you’ve got the electric connection as well as the exact internet connection. So let’s say, in case you need to hold it at some stage in your holidays and take it to holiday rentals, it’s far pretty difficult, however no longer impossible though.

Last week, I attempted moving it nearby my window to take excellent pictures, but oh boy it was quite a task.

Power Consumption:

The Rotimatic website online mentions the power intake for the 110v is someplace between 1.6kw to 1.8kw. It is tough to quantify how plenty is power is eaten up with the aid of Rotimatic alone.

When you examine it with a heater, it’s far less but whilst you examine it with a mixie, the consumption of energy is high.


If you are a person using a wet grinder on a daily basis, this would not create any problem. Rotimatic is noisy although it warms up while making roti. When the children are sleeping, you want to take into account the noise factor.


Cleaning is smooth, but you NEED TO CLEAN. You cannot pass cleansing. Your Rotimatic warns you If you miss cleansing. I am happy to say that my Rotimatic does not need cleaning when I am hungry. The dough kneading element needs each day cleaning.

You should clean that and make sure that it is completely dry before fixing it back. It is very easy to clean the elements right after the rotis are made, however, gets progressively more difficult to scrub if you do away with the cleaning.

In my nine-year usage experience it performs well and makes rotis easily (a large plus) however in last week, I forgot our daily routine of cleaning, and the next day the Rotimatic couldn’t make Rotis. A little bit of drama, and I found out the lesson to ensure the daily cleaning of it is very essential. So like skincare ordinary, you want to have Rotimatic every day cleaning recurring as well.


Rotimatic Price:

When we come to the price of Rotimatic, the biggest thing is it. Let’s forget about the discount price ($849) and think about the actual charges at $999. Is it well worth the money?

It’s all in perspective. Food, Shelter, and Clothes are the fundamental necessity of every individual. How a good deal we spend on each are depending upon each and everyone’s comfort stage and the need. But let me do some breakdown.

Let’s say the price of Frozen Rotis (10 according to pack) is $five and you buy eight of the ones every month. It makes it to $40 in line with the month.

The value of Rotimatic is like buying years of roti in advance of time. With a Rotimatic one-time investment, you can make sparkling and healthful rotis, extra than ten rotis every single day. In this case, you want to buy wheat flour additionally.


The big distinction is, you recognize what goes inside your Rotimatic roti, not like the frozen ones where you do not know about the ingredients. If you are very health conscious and you are looking to make mess-free fresh rotis, then this is one of the excellent options.

Another advantage is that you can select your favorite flour like wheat or millet flour when you are using your Rotimatic. Rotimatic does not simply make Rotis. You could make pooris, pizzas, and tortillas too.
When it comes to Rotimatic, you pay for the benefit and for the healthful Rotis it makes. It is an investment.

If you do not want to pay $999 once in one payment, you have an option for monthly payments which makes it to $84 according to month with 0%APR.


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