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Advertising on WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be a suitable platform for advertising because it is a fast and free messenger that has many users. You may have already received an advertising message privately. Many people think that advertising on WhatsApp is easy. You should know that advertising on WhatsApp is not easy and it is an intolerable operation if you want to do it manually.

In this article, you will become familiar with new information about advertising on WhatsApp and you should answer some important questions before starting advertising. Stay with us…

Important Questions to Answer Before Advertising on WhatsApp

Before you start an advertising operation you should know, that your goal in sending WhatsApp advertising messages is to attract customers and earn more money. To achieve this goal, you should read the following questions and their answers completely.

To whom should you send your advertising message to get the most efficiency?

If you do not want the recipient to block and report you and you want to encourage them to visit your site and page, you should select your target audiences correctly. Target audiences are those who are interested in or relevant to your field of business and need your products or services. If you send your advertising content to the target audience, they will be happy and carefully see your services and products to decide and buy if they are useful for them.

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Depending on your business, your target audience will be divided into different groups. Your audiences may be only women or only men. Maybe your audiences are from a specific city or province. Your audiences may be members of specific guilds and professions. Sometimes it is necessary to find your contacts among members of WhatsApp groups that are active in the field of your business.

Do not forget that you should consider some important factors to attract your audiences. The next paragraph is about one of the most important factors to attract audiences.

How to write a promotional message to attract more people?

Do not forget that in the first step, the only thing that the audience sees from you and your business and is affected by it is the text of your message. Never go to the main point without an introduction or greetings. It is better to write the text in a polite and friendly way. If you know the names of the owners of the mobile number, address them by their names and use the appropriate titles (such as Mr., Mrs., friend, engineer, doctor, student, etc.).

Keep in mind that the text of your message can prevent the recipient from reporting you to WhatsApp. The ability to report someone to WhatsApp is one of the limitations that has been considered for users to prevent their advertising on this platform. In the following, you will be familiar with these limitations.

What are the limitations of WhatsApp in sending bulk messages?

One of the limitations of WhatsApp that prevents free messages from being sent to strangers is the ability to report to WhatsApp. If you are reported by a large number of users, WhatsApp will be sensitive to your account and may block your account. As you know, the solution is to choose the right target audience for your advertisement.

The second problem is the daily limit that WhatsApp considered for the users. If you want to send a message to acquaintances (meaning people who have your number saved or have already sent you a message), there will be no limitation.

But for strangers (meaning people who do not have your number saved and have not chatted with you so far) WhatsApp does not allow you to send private messages to more than 100 people per line per day. This number is a very low number for an effective advertisement, if you want to know about the ways to bypass limitations stay with us and read the following paragraph.

How to bypass WhatsApp limitations and do bulk advertising on WhatsApp?

The only way to bypass the WhatsApp daily limit is to use several lines. Extracting the mobile numbers of target contacts, preparing a list of these contacts, changing lines, and sending bulk advertising messages to the list of target contacts using multiple lines is so intolerable and complicated to be done manually. The only solution is to use an appropriate tool to automate all WhatsApp advertising activities.

We also mentioned that choosing the right target audience greatly reduces the chance of being reported and blocked. But the question is how to provide the mobile number of the target audience.
In addition to buying a number bank, there are tools that you can use to extract people’s mobile numbers from various sources automatically. The Virtual User WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Bot is one of the best examples of these types of tools.

Altogether, advertising on WhatsApp is one of the best methods of advertising. We told you how you should advertise on WhatsApp. We talked about the importance of target audiences and the ways to find appropriate target audiences. we also said how you should write the text of the promotional message.

To get more information about advertising on WhatsApp and its importance refer to the virtual user website.

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