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Lychee Fruit

Lychee Fruit

Lychee fruit is a small, round fruit that grows on trees native to China, Southeast Asia, and tropical regions of Australia.

lychee fruits

lychee fruit

It is a member of the genus Litchi chinensis, along with litchis (Litchi spp.), mangos (Mangifera indica), and cashews (Anacardium occidentale).

Lychee Leaf

Lychee leaf is a palmate-leaved evergreen shrub or small tree, belonging to the genus Litchi.

Its scientific name is Lilium chinense. It is native to southeastern China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and northern parts of Indochina.

Lychee Pit

A lychee pit is a hole dug in the ground for planting a lychee seedling. A hole is first dug out about 2 feet deep and 4–6 inches wide, then lined with bamboo stakes and covered with plastic or burlap.

After the seedling sprouts aboveground, the plastic or burlap covering is removed and replaced with a netting material.

Lychee Pulp

Lychee pulp is the fleshy inner portion of the fruit. It is edible and nutritious, containing high levels of vitamin C, B vitamins, iron, and fiber.

Lychee Flesh

Lychee flesh is the soft fruit, juicy inside of the fruit. It contains many of the same nutrients as the pulp, plus some additional ones.


Lychee Fruit can be eater raw, dried, cooked, or juiced. Raw lychees taste best when slightly underride.

Dried lychees can be to stored for several weeks in airtight containers. Cooked lychees are great snacks and can be add to salads or soups. Juicing them produces a delicious drink that can be the enjoyed alone or mixed with other beverages.



Lychee Fruit

Lychee The lychee fruits (Litchi chinensis) are a popular tropical fruit that comes from China, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. The lychee is small, and it is a round - shaped fruit with smooth skin and white flesh. A mature lychee tree produces approximately 1,000 fruits per year. A single ...

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