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Benefits of Lychees

Benefits of lychee

Benefits of Lychees Are given below

It is rich in Vitamin C and contains vitamin A, iron, calcium, phosphorous, protein, fiber, and potassium. In addition to these vitamins, lychee also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Health Benefits:

Lychees are extremely high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. These compounds help prevent cancer and heart disease.

Also, lychee fruit is known to lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, protect the liver, and treat diabetes. Lychees may help lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and prevent cancer.

Several studies indicate that lychees may also help improve memory and cognitive function. Because lychees are rich in antioxidants, they may protect against cardiovascular disease.

Nutrition Facts:

One cup of fresh lychees provides about 100 calories, 32 grams of carbs, 1 gram of fat, 2 grams of protein, 16 milligrams of sodium, 0 grams of sugar, and 4 grams of dietary fiber.

Lychees contain high levels of vitamin C, fiber, iron, protein, and various B vitamins. Unlike most other fruits, lychees do not contain any significant amounts of sugar.  Instead, they contain a higher level of starch than any other type of fruit.

Single lychee provides approximately 20% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C and 6% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin E.

Lychee Fruit

The lychee fruit (Litchi chinensis) is a small drupe, round in shape, about 1-1/2 inches (3.8 cm) in diameter. They have a thick shell that contains a yellowish pulp surrounded by a fibrous white rind.

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Lychee Fruit

Lychee The lychee fruits (Litchi chinensis) are a popular tropical fruit that comes from China, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. The lychee is small, and it is a round - shaped fruit with smooth skin and white flesh. A mature lychee tree produces approximately 1,000 fruits per year. A single ...

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