how do you eat lychee


Best way to eat lychee

many people are having trouble in eating lychee in many part of the world therefore we help you in how to eat lyche

Lychees are best eaten in small.A ten ounce serving of lychees contains as much vitamin C as an orangeHoweverit is important to avoid eating them on an empty stomachLychees are also high in fiberso increasing your intake gradually will help you reap the health benefits that they bring.

Lychees are subtropical fruit that has a tough rinda white fleshy interiorand a brown seedBefore eating lycheesyou should remove the skinThe procedure you follow will depend on the size and ripeness of the fruitYou can serve them in a fruit bowlstuffed with a sweet fillingor use them in a dessert.but many people still ask how do you eat lychee.

Lychees can be eaten fresh or cannedbut you should avoid eating them unripeUnripe fruit contains a toxin called saponin that can cause serious health problemsMoreovereating an unripe fruit may result in the onset of encephalopathy or gastrointestinal blockage.To eat lychee you have to wait for may june and july. These are the season in which lychee production is on it peak. You can get it all year around due to advancement of techknowlogy now a days it very easy to it. You can get it all year around but the best time to this fruit is the season in which it is grown. So therefore we are here to help you.

Some of the ways to eat lychee are.

1 You can get it in cheap.

2 Easy to get it any store near you.

3 You can store them in your frizer for long time in cheap.

4 The nutrion is higher than the store one.

5 One of the best way to protect yourself from illnes as seasonal fruit help alot.

6 The lycee is rich in vitamin c and water which is very helpful for a long sweaty day in summer.

Therefore eating it in summer is one of the best way to lychee.

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