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Caring For Your Loved Ones From Distance

Remember the times when your parents/grandparents assisted you in every little thing that you did – be it trying to walk, run, play, study, etc. They always stood there by our side, assisting us in every step we took and lending their support wherever necessary.

But with time we observe changes in our elders – not just physical, but emotional and cognitive as well. Life compels us to do role reversal – us acting like our loved ones’ parents. And this is something that every child willingly does and is more than happy to take care of their elderly parents.

However, sometimes due to their professional commitments, they have to move to another city or country. As a result, their parents are left alone in their hometown with no one to look after them.

We know you feel absolutely helpless, right? You want to make sure that your parents are provided the best care even when you are not there. You want to ensure that their health and safety are taken care of in your absence. While physical distance might restrict you from personally taking care of them, but when stuck in such a situation, the best option is to subscribe to home care services for your elderly parents/grandparents.

Wondering what home care services are?

Read below to understand its basic definition:

While you are away from your parents, home care services can assist your loved ones in activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing, bathing, cooking, etc., and help them manage their daily chores.

These are professional support services that enable your elderly parent/grandparent to live independently and safely in the comfort of their home.

Home care services also include therapy and rehabilitative services and care for a disease or an illness and are provided by trained and verified nurses, attendants, therapists, etc.

There are various kinds of home care services.

Let’s discuss two kinds in this article:

  •         Home Care Nursing Services:

Nursing services provided to elders/patients in their homes is termed as home care nursing services. An elderly/patient suffering from a physical disability, minor/major injury, chronic condition or has undergone knee/hip replacement surgery and needs post-operative care can resort to home care nursing services. The nurses/attendants/caretakers are available on a 12/24-hour basis.

Apart from providing medical care to the elderly, the nurse/attendant also acts as a major support system for them.

  •         Home Health Care:

Helping the elderly to recover from any injury or illness can be done by opting for home health care services. While you cannot aid your elder due to your distance from them, you can ensure they get adequate care and support with the help of home health care services.

Home care services are a blessing for everyone who is far from their elderly parents and need assistance.

Emoha Elder Care is an organization that can fulfill all your needs revolving around home care. The eldercare organization provides all kinds of home care services to the elderly. Be it doctor visit, physiotherapy visit, dietician visit, post-operative care, holistic stroke rehabilitation, palliative, and hospice care, geriatric/assisted living care, dementia/Alzheimer’s care, 12/24 hour nurse, attendant, caregiver requirement, Emoha brings everything right at your doorstep.

Staying alone also invites the feeling of loneliness in elders. Emoha Elder Care considers engagement as one of the most important aspects of ensuring elders’ well-being. For the same reason, they used to hold offline activities and engagement programs during pre-COVID times. Well, taking care of the same even during the COVID times, Emoha runs its own Ministry of Happiness (MOH) TV channel hosting various infotainment/entertainment programs so that elders can have full entertainment while sitting in their homes.

To know more about their plans and services, please feel free to reach out to them on their toll-free number of 1800-123-44-5555.

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