Drug “Careprost Eyelash Serum”

Every girl, a woman, dreams of becoming the owner of long and fluffy eyelashes, making the eyes more expressive and attractive. To boost their condition, you’ll use various implies that stimulate the expansion of existing hairs because of recent ones’ arrival. One in all these is “Careprost Eyelash Serum” – a serum that’s highly effective (maximum results are achieved after 8-9 weeks of routine procedures) and easy use.

Careprost composition of Careprost Eyelash Serum is an eyelash drop that is simple: it includes several components that impact the hair follicles. At the identical time, this tool may be utilized by both women and men: it doesn’t contain female or male hormones, the buildup of which could cause significant changes in the appearance and functioning of internal organs and body systems.

The composition of the serum “Careprost.”

Many users of the Careprost eyelash product are incredibly pleased with the composition: it contains no substances, the presence of which needs special rules of use. Therefore, the serum is great for home use without special skills – and also, they must provide appropriate conditions for the substance’s appliance.

The manufacturer uses the following components to form drops.

Bimatoprost may be a sterile ophthalmic solution (concentration of the substance is 0.03%). it’s the most active ingredient that nourishes the hair follicles with useful elements. Because of it, the processes that are answerable for intensive hair growth and their strengthening are activated.

Panthenol may be a medication that helps to relieve inflammation quickly. Additionally, it’s metabolic likewise as regenerative effects. This component helps to quickly restore the integrity of even the epidermis’s deepest layers, eliminating pain within the upper eyelid.

Component of Careprost Eyelash Serum

Carbomer may be a gel-forming polymer that’s safe for human health. it’s added to the composition of the means for exciting the expansion of eyelashes to effectively symptomatic treatment of conditions that are in the course of increased dryness of the membrane of the outer membrane of the eyes.

Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 may be a potent biological regulator that has an efficient anti-aging effect. Also, thanks to the complex action, the substance stimulates the activity of hair follicles, so eyelashes begin to grow much faster.

Preservatives are particular substances that help preserve useful properties, and also allow you to increase the period of drops. Because of the very fact that they’re a part of the serum, you’ll always carry it with you without fear about the necessity to take care of special storage conditions.

Antiseptic substances – various components that help cleanse the deep layers and destroy multiple bacteria and microorganisms. They penetrate deeply into tissues, contributing to their more intensive regeneration. Careprost for eyelashes composition.

Distilled water – it’s thoroughly purified and provides a lightweight texture to the merchandise. Because of its presence within the composition, the cosmetic product is quickly absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave greasy and sticky marks on the skin and eyelashes.

The combined composition provides a posh effect on the hair follicles. Its components gradually accumulate in their cells, making up for the deficiency of elements necessary for the active course of biologically important processes.

Active ingredient “Careprost”

The composition of the Careprost Eyelash Serum is simple. It includes only one active ingredient – bimatoprost. Some people mistake it for an artificial hormone, but of course, it’s an artificially created bioactive substance (fatty acid). Eyelash Super Lash serum composition manufacturer of the serum that stimulates hair growth uses it within an ophthalmic solution. This is often a pure substance, the concentration of which during this product is 0.03%.

Bimatoprost is quickly absorbed by the epidermis and accumulates in hair follicles, replenishing the absence of biological components (without these components, the expansion of eyelashes slows down, they gradually begin to fade and fall out). Thanks to the cumulative effect, the substance continues to act even after completing the course of treatment.

In the “Careprost” cosmetic product, the composition is safe for both women and men. doesn’t contain harmful components, hormones, and synthetic analogs. Therefore, the serum is great for everyday use reception. However, this doesn’t make the drops less effective because their active ingredient provides intensive nourishment to the hair follicles and stimulates vigorous hair growth.

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